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Samples of work I have done


Collaborative translation published on Progressive International. The piece relates to the issues of the Indigenous in South America during the pandemic.

"Indigenous Transborder Communities and the (F)utility of Borders" was translated from Spanish to English by members of the Translation in Media course at UMass Boston. 

Full article.

Spanish to English


A TEDx Talk Cómo los símbolos te ayudan a ser tú mismo whose subtitles I translated into English

My other TED projects

Spanish to English



TEDx Talk titled: "Multilingualism: The Key to an Interconnected World"

TED profile page with all my works as a TED translator and transcriber.

Captions in English

This is part of a collaborate transcript of an episode of Viviendo sin limites, a YouTube show hosted by Veronica Garcia.

Veronica interviews Daniel Saavedra, entitled "Living Love as a Family."

Full Episode

Spanish to English

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